As a Londoner, I am always fascinated by this vibrant, cosmopolitan and dynamic city. I live right in the centre and get to watch how areas continue to develop, grow and evolve. When friends who live abroad come to visit, I am always keen to show off my city and give tips on where to go and which tours to do. That is why, when I came across Love London Running Tours, I was keen to experience a tour of my city, with a difference.

As a fierce supporter of women in business I was thrilled to hear that Nikki Page was the founder of Love London Running Tours. Nikki is a professional fitness instructor and entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market; to give energetic visitors to London a chance to combine their tourism with exercise – and it’s a brilliant concept. So far, Nikki has run with people from all over the globe, educating them on famous London landmarks whilst getting their hearts pumping. Love London Running Tours offers an array of routes you can take and also provides fast walking tours for those feeling perhaps a little less energetic.

I meet Nikki on a boiling hot bank holiday Monday in August at Embankment, full of anticipation for the mini adventure ahead. We embark on the “Love London Thames Run” and barely five minutes after we meet Nikki has already given me facts about the Victoria Embankment Gardens (home to the historical Watergate, built in 1626 as the entrance to the Thames) and the impressive Cleopatra’s needle (a granite obelisk sent as a gift from Egypt costing a mere £10,000 to transport by sea in 1877). As the tour progresses, there are numerous buildings and landmarks that I enjoy learning facts about and I love that I am outside, exploring the city and for once, the weather is perfect.

Love London Running Tours

Nikki takes some great photos, she has clearly practiced how to get the very best shots. The tour continues and there’s a fair bit of sweat (from me) and some excellent chat (from her). Two hours later and we are sadly at the end of the tour, I’ve seen (and learnt facts about) Wesminster, the London Eye, the Globe, the Tate, St Paul’s and Tower Bridge to name just a few. At the end of my tour, I am taken through some stretches (cue the cracking of knees) and given a choice of complimentary snack bar (much needed).

Love London Running Tours Review

If you are coming to London or even if you are indeed a Londoner like me and want nothing more than to be outside whilst learning some history about your fabulous city, then I highly recommend this awesome tour. Book your individual or group tickets here.

Love London Running Tours

It is worth knowing that Love London Running Tours also offer group corporate runs if you are thinking of something different for a team day out. Mention City intrigue when booking your tour and you will receive a free buff worth £5.00.

Love London Running Tours