Scotland is a place where I feel at peace. All my experiences visiting this incredible land have been full of happy memories and so upon arriving at London City Airport I very much looked forward to my winter city break in Edinburgh. 


It was not only the culinary delights that my husband and I were looking forward to, but to see whether Eden Locke would quite match up to its big brother (Leman Locke) back in London. One thing I already knew was that Eden Locke offered a brilliant location, situated on George Street and close to popular restaurants, excellent shopping and all the main highlights of the city, including the picturesque Edinburgh Castle. 

Arriving at the hotel around 9pm on a Friday night, my first impressions were that I might not quite be hip enough to be here. As you approach the Victorian building you can't help but be a little mesmerised by it's boldness and beauty.


As you enter, the reception and bar areas are calming and very spacious. You can sense that every object and piece of furniture has been mindfully chosen to be there. New York architects Grzywinski + Pons cleverly use stylish, minimalist design to encourage space and light in a modern setting.

Once checked in we eagerly went up to see our room, we were given a split level mezzanine studio, at the front of the building with gorgeously tall windows.

The room itself had everything you could want and it was great to have the luxury of a small kitchen with all the essentials.


A nice detail were the delicate riedel glasses that we used for our wine and the very pretty gold cocktail shaker and pourer.   


As the evening progressed we could hear that the clientele of the club next door were getting steadily more drunk and pouring out onto the street. It became really noisy at one stage so the next morning I asked the Eden Locke staff if we could move rooms. It was a shame as we did not want to leave our room. However, the friendly staff were on hand to move us straight into a room towards the back of the hotel which was wonderfully quiet. The room we moved into (photos above) was a normal studio which lacked the grand windows but delivered the same quality on everything else.

As porridge and fresh milk were provided in the rooms, we ate healthy hot breakfasts before heading out for the day. Returning in the evening we utilised the pans and hob and made hot chocolates.


In our room, I really enjoyed the fact that there was an actual lounge area for relaxing in that was partitioned away from the bedroom. However on occasion when I'm travelling I also like watching tv in bed so missed out on that a little. 


Other additional touches I enjoyed were the great scents of Kinsey Apothecary skincare products and little booklet letting you know what items you could purchase from the room; the cocktail shaker, skincare products and golden wire fruit basket. 


The next morning the reception area was bustling with lots of guests enjoying freshly made pastry treats from Hyde & Co or homemade porridge from a pop up stand.


We got some takeaway coffees before venturing out. Later in the evening we had a glass of wine in the bar area, it was very quiet in there but relaxing. I wondered where the bustle had gone from the morning. 

There are not huge differences between Leman Locke and Eden Locke but the main contrast is that Leman Locke offers a lovely restaurant serving excellent food in the shape of Treves and Hyde, Eden Locke has Hyde and Co which serves coffees, pastries and alcohol but no meals.

At Eden Locke I felt relaxed and wish I could have stayed longer to really immerse myself in their culture and intimate yoga classes. On their website it states that "living is an art and science and it is our aim to foster an environment that allows you to live better" - sounds fantastic to me. Look forward to returning in the not too distant future. 

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Eden Locke
127 George Street,

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